The system



EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) training only takes 20 minutes a week with the same results as other conventional three-day-a-week training programmes.
Our system provides you with a personal coach who will help you with every step of the training process. This one-on-one training will give you the opportunity to work on over 300 muscles simultaneously in each session for ensured effectiveness and to guarantee that your training results are achieved.

“There are clearly much better and completely risk-free methods for applying electricity, both for sports therapy and to enhance athletic performance.” Jordi Riba

Although the current level of sophistication of these treatments is the result of the technological advances of the twentieth and twenty centuries, the benefits of electric shock has a history that dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who used the electric properties of fish in a variety of treatments.

It was the Soviets who brought this technique back to train astronauts in the early ’60s with what were known as “Russian stimulation” or “Kotz currents”. The currents used were so strong that the treatment was more like a KGB torture method.

The therapy was later used by USSR athletes, resulting in its popularity in every physiotherapy and sports medicine centre.

Today, however, muscular electrostimulation devices are safe and can help significantly improve muscle performance if used correctly by a professional.