About The Body


As a product, The Body franchise model is the result of the best EMS device on the market (i-Motion) paired with the know-how developed and backed by one of the fastest-growing companies in the fitness management, sports consulting and outsourcing industry.

The Body is a brand headed by professionals with Bachelor of Science degrees in Physical Activity and Sport; experts in sports management joined forces with experts in marketing and advertising to develop a unique, innovative, effective and constantly evolving know-how that continually adapts to ever-changing circumstances.



  • We use the best, most modern technology in the industry.
  • The staff at all our studios and training centres participate in the theoretical and practical training required to manage any area of the business.
  • We offer our staff ongoing service and support in order to ensure they always have the tools and information they need to provide our clients with the very best.
  • Our experience in sports management and industry know-how is the key to our success.

  • Our high-calibre service and dedication to our clients sets us apart from the rest.
  • Our business model is designed to cater to a broad clientele.
  • Our centres and studios feature a harmonious, distinguished design.

“For The Body, every franchisee has a different story, which is why we are committed to helping them achieve their goals, not just with a unique business model that adapts to their surroundings and characteristics but also by providing consulting services to help franchisees with everything they need to grow…we provide premium service, helping the franchisee every step of the way from the moment they join our brand. Their success is our success”.